Campaign Priorities

Through this campaign, we will revitalize our science facility, boost faculty compensation and professional development, increase financial aid, invest in new ideas, and support the health and wellness of our students, all while continuing to fortify our annual giving program.


The Pomfret Fund

When you support the Pomfret Fund, you are supporting the campaign.

Annual giving is the lifeblood of our School, accounting for 12 percent of all operating expenses each year. It allows us to recruit a talented and diverse student body, invest in new programs and initiatives, attract amazing independent school educators, and make critical enhancements to our campus infrastructure. 

In a fiscal climate where flexible, dependable income is hard to come by, the Pomfret Fund represents an ongoing, renewable investment in the people, programs, and places that make Pomfret one of the best small independent schools in the country. 

During this campaign, The Pomfret Fund remains the single most impactful way you can make a difference in the life of our School, and we sincerely thank you for supporting it.

Priority N0. 1


Knocking down barriers in science education. 

At Pomfret, science is our most popular and subscribed subject, but when Monell Science Building first opened in 1958, three science faculty taught just four classes. Today, twelve different teachers offer twenty-seven unique courses in eleven distinct fields. 

We are quite literally bursting at the seams, hampered by the building’s aging infrastructure and limited by its small footprint. If we want to attract the next generation of science students, and if we want to grow our offerings to meet their needs and deepen their understanding, we must invest in a facility worthy of the programs it houses.


Click to view building progress through live camera.

Priority N0. 2


Great schools are made by great faculty.

At Pomfret, faculty make both a living and a life — as teachers, coaches, advisors, dorm parents, deans, and counselors. In doing so, they impact the lives of countless others. But today great faculty are hard to come by. Boarding school is a twenty-four seven educational model and it takes a special kind of person to do this job well. 

Through this priority, we aim to attract, retain, and support the very best teachers out there by investing in compensation and professional development. Because without it, the Pomfret Experience wouldn’t be the Pomfret Experience.

Priority N0. 3


It’s what we do together that sets us apart.

Pomfret offers a world-class education and we are always on the hunt for promising students with the potential to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity. This year, 42 percent of our 350 students received financial aid, totaling $4.5 million. But with each passing year, the cost to attend a school like Pomfret goes up. 

Today, less than 3 percent of domestic families can afford the full cost of tuition. When opportunity, access, and ability collide, it has the potential to transform lives. Through this priority, you are supporting kids who have everything they need to be successful, but the money.



We have raised $69 Million to date.